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After introducing the Portion PadL’s newest product, the patent pending Lasagna Portion PadL at the Pizza & Pasta Northeast Exposition with an overwhelming response, there now is a simple and efficient way to portion pans of lasagna into equal portions. If Lasagna is on your menu, you know how hard it is to cut pans of lasagna into equal portions. You also know an unequally cut pan of lasagna means a loss of profits. The smaller portions of lasagna will never be served. Instead, they are thrown out or given away. Every portion that is not sold cost businesses numerous dollars per portion in lost sales and profit. The Lasagna Portion PadL is custom made to each customer’s desired number of portions for a half and full pan of lasagna. This low-cost portioning guide allows for a quick return in investment. If lasagna is on your menu, why wouldn’t you invest in a product that allows each portion of lasagna to be a profit center?

Check out the Lasagna Portion PadL in action

Questions or interested in ordering, Please call Greg Getzinger at 330-608-5928.