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I feel very honored to know I invented something that is useful
and used by so many accomplished chefs and pizza makers.

Best Pizza Practices

The difference between being a profitable and thriving restaurant or pizza business verses operating a failing business can be a lack of understanding any or a part of the complexities with operating your business. There are tools and resources that are available to improve your restaurant’s food quality, kitchen efficiencies, inventory control, managing employee retention and understanding your company financials. Perfecting these areas of operation can result in the form of operating the most efficient and profitable kitchen with growing sales. Hiring top restaurant, pizza and software consultants can be a great return on investment. Throughout the years I have developed relationships with some of the nation’s top consultants.


Buddy Valastro and his son

Buddy Valastro had a TV reality show about baking some of the most unusual cakes. He was the Cake Boss! It was a big hit until he injured his hand. Although very much well known, he decided to go into the pizza business a few years ago. Most of his business is in Las Vegas. He also expanded into the pizza vending machine business. The quality of the ingredients is key.

Of particular interest is the picture of the pizza slice.  You will notice the pepperonis are cupped. They are not flat and limp. That’s because he uses a quality pepperoni that is enclosed in a casing. The cupped pepperoni allows the oils to stay on top of the pepperoni pieces to allow for a great tasting pepperoni. Buddy knows that quality ingredients are key. His pizza is delicious with plentiful cheese (but not too much) and a good amount of pizza sauce. The crust is always baked from top to bottom, which gives is an texture with a nice crunch. That’s quality. Especially for a slice from a vending machine.

Buddy has continued making cakes and uses the PadL at his locations in New Jersey.

Cake Boss – Wikipedia

Testimonials From Our Customers

Andolini’s Pizza – Jim Bausch

“We’ve been using the Portion PadL for a long time. Even our most seasoned people, when rushed during a peak cannot freehand an 8 cut or 6 cut accurately for a “slice” customer. We would usually end up with 2 pieces too big and 2 pieces too small. In many cases the small piece is unsellable. With the Portion PadL, it makes cutting our pizzas into equal slices simple and accurate.”

Parasson’s Italian Restaurants – Tony Parasson

“I have purchased and used the Portion PadL from Greg for several years. I have purchased other pizza cutting guides over time, but none like the Portion PadL. Often, and especially during peak hours, it can be difficult to accurately cut a pizza into 6, 8, or 12 equal slices. During peak hours, employees are under pressure and rushing to fill orders. This often makes the unequal cuts worse, with 2 or more very large slices and 2 or more very small slices. The pizza cutting guide created by Greg Getzinger has made it unexpectedly easy to accurately and repeatably cut a pizza into equal sized slices, even during hectic peak hours.”

Carlo’s Bakery – Garo Mikhael VP of Operations

“We use the Portion PadL for our bakery pizza (Sicilian style) throughout our company, and love how we get consistent slices every time! It takes the guess work out of where to cut the pie!”

Buddy V’s Pizza Cake – Chef Bryan Forgione

“Portion PadLs are durable, strong and consistent. It’s the only paddle we’ve found that can stand up to our volume! The great customer service is a plus.”

Josh McConnel, Gas N Go

“I ordered about a dozen of your paddles several years ago, and they’re just as good as the day I bought them. So I’m a huge fan of the Portion PadL.”

Flippin Pizza – Anthony Apostle

“You truly have one of the most useful products in the pizza industry.”

Late Night Slice – Mike Soboro

“The Portion PadL is a vital part of our business, we couldn’t operate without it. It saves our business thousands of dollars a year.”

New York Pizza – Robin Dixon

“Game Changer! I finally got to use the Lasagna Portion PadL. I could not be happier with the product! It’s a real gift to the service industry. I will be spreading the word. We look forward to working with you in the future.”