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Nuova Vita Corporation is excited to announce exhibiting their array of Portion PadLs at the Pizza & Pasta Expo September 25th and 26th 2019, at the Atlantic Convention Center, exhibit booth 1115.

The Portion PadL is a simple to use pizza cutting board and portioning guide, custom made to each customer’s pizza size and slice applications. Some of the top pizza franchises and their franchisees, convenience stores, school cafeterias, amusement parks, and stadiums use the Portion PadL to reduce food costs and increase profits.

Pizzas aren’t only round and cut into slices, nowadays, round pizzas are cut into squares. Round pizzas and cheese bread are cut into strips. As well, square and rectangle pizzas are cut into squares and rectangles. The Portion PadL is the only cutting board and portioning guide that is custom made for each customer’s pizza shape and portion applications. Please stop by booth 1115 at the Pizza & Pasta Northeast Expo. to view the display of different size and shape Portion PadLs.

In advance of the expo, additional information about the different shapes and portioning applications can be found at