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Who Is Portion PadL?

The Commercial Portion PadL | Invented by A Pizza Business Owner

The Portion PadL was designed by pizza business owner, Greg Getzinger. He was looking to find a way for his employees to easily and efficiently cut pizzas into equal slices for his first school lunch account. Learning by trial and error with buying other small ware products for his fast-paced kitchen, he concluded the pizza portioning product he was looking to would need to be simple to use and easy to clean.

Working aside his employees daily, he understood that in general, if pizza tools are not designed to be simple to use and easy to clean, as soon as Greg would turn his back or leave the store, his employees would not use those pizza tools. Greg decided to make his own pizza portioning cutting board that made sense for his employees’ needs. The cutting board also needed to be designed for his pizza different size and different slice applications.

His cutting board, now known as the Portion PadL was so simple for his employees to use, it improved his kitchen work flow and perfectly cut the pizzas for his school lunch program into equal slices.

Greg had a hunch that maybe he was not the only pizza operation that may not be able to cut pizzas into equal slices. He decided to commercialize the pizza cutting board and named the board, the Portion PadL.

100 % Made in the USA

All Portion PadL products are proudly made in the USA.

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