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FACT:  Pizza is one of the most shared food orders.

As restaurants began to reopen following Covid, the National Restaurant Association offered Guidance For Cleaning And Sanitizing Guidelines which states, “Avoid sharing items such as menus, condiments and food orders.” Pizza needs to be served with a touchless serving surface. Is there a solution?

Recent Innovations have offered solutions for a path forward giving restaurants the ability to offer greater safety standards. Now even the traditional plastic and vinyl menus are considered no longer sanitary. They’re being replaced with digital or paper menus. Sharable table condiments, like ketchup and mustard has been replaced with individual packets.

Though pizza serving plates and trays aren’t mention in the NRA’s guidelines, they still are part of the sharable food order that the NRA references. Your patrons will be paying attention to the fact that common serving plates and trays leave very little space for them to move the pizza without being able to avoid touching where someone else’s fingers have touched.

The Portion PadL offers an innovative solution to serving pizza. The patented No HandL Portion PadL with the Touchless Pizza Border.

  • Dedicated finger-wells for each slice and recessed cutting grooves allow each table guest to easily move the plate without sharing the same surface areas.
  • The recessed cutting grooves provide for a much easier way for your pizza lovers to self-serve slices onto their plate.

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