No HandL Portion PadL with the Touchless Pizza Border

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As pizzerias and restaurants begin to re-open for dine-in after the government mandated closures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, pizzas served to patrons at their tables will need to change. The traditional aluminum plates and plastic serving trays offer no protection from shared surface contact. The patented No HandL Portion PadL with the Touchless Pizza Border solves this problem with built-in features that will gain your customers confidence that health precautions are being taken with the way pizzas are handled between table guests while dining out.

The No HandL Portion PadL with the Touchless Pizza Border is a pizza cutting board, portioning guide and attractive serving plate.  It features a touchless pizza border. This innovative pizza serving plate enables your dine-in restaurant patrons to avoid shared surface areas when self-serving pizza slices. Thus, decreasing the risk for spread of viral pathogens associated with the novel coronavirus and germs associated with food borne illness.

The recessed grooves allow all types of knives to completely cut through the pizza crust, from edge to edge. Pizzas that are cut completely through the crust means your restaurant patrons will be able to easily remove the slices with their own spatula without using table utensils and fingers to tear apart slices.

When cutting pizzas on the No HandL Portion PadL with the Touchless Pizza Border, all slices are cut equally. Your patrons no longer have to decide between choosing a bigger or smaller slice.

These three features combined, make up a safer and easier way for your restaurant patrons to share slices from a pizza served at their table. Serving pizza on the No HandL Portion PadL with the No Touch Pizza Border assures your restaurant patrons the piece of mind they are looking for so they can feel safe and have an enjoyable dining experience with family and friends while sharing a pizza at your restaurant.

All No HandL Portion PadLs with the Touchless Pizza Border are custom made to each of our customer’s pizza size and slice applications.

***For orders over 25 please call 330-608-5928 for additional volume pricing.

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