Consumer Portion PadL and Pizza PeeL


The innovative Consumer Portion PadL and Pizza Peel, incorporates several efficient kitchen tools used by pizza industry pizza professionals into an all-in-one home use kitchenware tool. Made for frozen pizzas and passionate home-made pizza makers, the beveled peel of the Portion PadL offers a safe and easy way to slide frozen and home-made pizzas in and out of hot ovens up to 350 degrees without being burned. The centering circles on the surface of the Portion PadL are sized for the most common size frozen and hand-made pizzas up to a 12-inch pizza. The deep VGrooves allow a roller or rocker knife to cut completely through the crust. The cutting board’s circles and grooves offer a mindless way to cut pizzas into 4 or 8 equal slices. Equal slices mean children are no longer fighting over the biggest slice! Calorie minded individuals, equal slices assure consistent calorie count. After cutting the pizza, the Portion PadL can be used for serving the equally cut pizza. The Portion PadL is dishwasher safe. When not using the Portion PadL for pizza, the back can be used as an attractive everyday kitchen countertop cutting board. Made 100% in the USA, the patented consumer Portion PadL and Pizza PeeL is made from a commercial grade durable composition material that does not harbor bacteria and is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved for commercial and consumer use. This innovative and inexpensive all-in-one kitchen tool offer homeowner’s the same edge pizza professionals use to simplify their process of making, baking, cutting, and serving pizza.



Commercial Portion PadL Customers: The Consumer Portion PadL and Pizza PeeL is not is not made for pizzas larger than a 12-inch pizza. The diameter of the Commercial Portion PadL and Pizza PeeL is smaller than the recommended diameter for commercial use. Returns from commercial pizza industry buyers will require the Consumer Portion PadL be unused and in same condition as received. Commercial industry receiver will be required to pay for the return postage.. Please look at the other Portion PadL products that can be custom made for your size, shape pizza and slice applications.