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Patented & Patent Pending Portion PadL’s Return on Investment is 3 Weeks
by Greg Getzinger and Andrew R. Spriegel
May 4, 2012

When have you purchased a product that pays for itself in 3 weeks? The Portion PadLtm is that product for you. When you sell pizza by the slice and poorly cut only 3 pizzas daily*, the smaller slices don’t sell. Look at the picture below. Which slice will your customer pay for? Which slice would you pay for? That means you’re throwing away at least 6 slices of pizza each day or your employees are eating the smaller slices. Either way, You are Losing Profits Daily!

When you sell all equal pizza slices, in this illustration using the Portion PadLtm, you’ll increase your profits by a minimum of $1.25 per slice times 6 or $7.50 a day. That’s $52.50 in profit weekly. In three weeks, you’ll save $157.50.

That’s the cost for your custom made Portion PadLtm. After a year of owning your Portion PadL, you’ve increased corporate profits by a minimum of $367.50. What other custom made pizza cutting board will pay for its self in only 3 weeks and can immediately increase your bottom line yearly profits by $367.50 or more?

I Sell Whole Pizzas…Why Should I care About Equal Pizza Slices?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

When your regular customer or new customer opens their pizza box and sees a poorly cut pizza, like the one below, what impression do you think they have when they first look at their pizza? It takes only one customer to be turned off from a poorly cut pizza for them to never return. It takes only one picture of a poorly cut pizza to be posted to a website to damage your pizza business’s reputation. Can you afford not to make a good first impression?

* Based on our interview and surveys with owners of pizza businesses, 3 poorly cut pizzas a day is a low estimate, however we used 3 pizzas as an average for this example to obtain a conservative estimate.