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By Cindy
One of my favorite articles to write was the Best Pizza in Akron article. It was a great excuse to sample the delicious varieties of pizza we have available in the Akron area. My family’s favorite is Pizza Bogo in Hudson. On one of my many pick up trips, I met Greg Getzinger, the owner. With passion, he shared with me his invention of the Portion PadL. It is such a great product that I know you will love it too.

Hands-On Review of Portion PadL

The Portion PadL is a convenient way to cut pizza into equal slices. If you are a mom, you know that equal portions are vital to a happy dinner time! If one kid gets a bigger slice, it’s all over! With the Portion PadL, you have a high quality cutting surface with easy to use guides and a simple to use, yet effective cutting tool.

Simply, the Portion PadL is designed to fit a variety of frozen pizzas that you buy at the grocery store. Slide your cooked pizza in the center of the cutting board. Cut the pizza with the rocking knife Portion Pal. The Portion Pal is so simple to use, I was amazed at how well it cut through the pizza the first time through. I’ve never used a rocking knife before, it was easy and fun.

I actually hate to cut pizza, pies, cakes, etc because the slices are never equal! They are off center and of various sizes. I am especially not fond of this task when I have to do it in front of other people. It’s just a quirk of mine. I’m so happy to be able to cut perfect slices of pizza anytime now.

One feature of the cleverly designed Portion PadL is how the cutting v groove guides run all the way to the edge of the board. This makes cutting easy to start. You start at the edge of the Portion PadL and just rock the knife. It cuts smoothly and effortlessly through the pizza.

With the Portion PadL, you decide how many slices you want, up to 8 equal slices. I’ve tried two frozen pizzas from the store and both fit within the grids with room to spare. I also made a home made pizza and it fit and cut perfectly. You can also use the Portion PadL for the large cookie cakes! This would be great for parties.

When I’m not making pizza, I can still us the Portion PadL. The flip side of the Portion PadL is smooth and acts as a cutting board. I know I can always use another high quality cutting board!

Another great feature of the Portion PadL is the slanted edge. The slanted edge on one end allows you to pull the pizza right from the oven and to the table. This is perfect if you cook your pizza right on the oven racks or even on a cookie tray. Just slide the pizza right on, cut it and serve it. Yes, you can serve the pizza on the Portion PadL. It is an attractive wood so why not? Plus, it gives your family a pizza shop experience. I know my kids think it is exciting to have something new and different on the table. Why not have fun at dinner time. I like that it is less dishes for clean up too.

One of my favorite features of the Potion PadL and the Portion Pal is that they are dishwasher safe! It is made up of Mapletex which is a durable material that will not chip. Easy clean up is a huge benefit.

The Portion PadL makes serving up yummy pizza easy, fun, and with perfect slices for your home of happy customers. There are also professional models used for restaurants. This product is made 100% in the USA!

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