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By Andrew R. Spriegel

With today’s fast paced environment, most of us don’t have time to make a full lunch and dinner. Often we’re on the run and frozen pizza is on the menu for lunch or dinner. After taking the pizza out of the oven, what do we commonly use to cut the pizza? What do we commonly use to serve the pizza? Whether you live in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Rome, Munich, Moscow, Berlin and London.

The consumer patented Portion PadL is a convenient pizza cutting board that will center your favorite frozen pizza, easily cut your pizza into 4-8 equal slices and be put to use as a serving tray, so that you can bring it right to the table. The composition material (NSF approved Mapletex or Richlite) from which it is made is elegant yet practical and family friendly.
Need to cut some vegetables to add to your frozen pizza? Just flip the Portion PadL over. The back side is a cutting board!

The Portion PadL for consumers is available in birdseye maple, birch, walnut, cherry, hard rock maple and soon in bamboo.

Let us ship you a consumer Portion PadL for your kitchen today.

Andrew R. Spriegel
NuVo Grand, LLC

Managing Partner
Patent Attorney
Spriegel & Associates, LLC
Patent & Trademark Attorneys