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New Award Winning Patented And Patent Pending Portion PadL Invention

Say goodbye to the fights you used to have over who gets the bigger slice. The newest Pizza Invention is here. It is called the Portion Pad. Helps place like Domino’s that churn out a million pies a second cut pizzas evenly at a high rate. It also helps you cut pizzas if you are a small pizza place that only does one pizza per hour. This way the one guy working, can be stoned and not have to think about cutting the pizza into equal slices. SO a pretty cool invention, probably not necessary but cool none the less. If you have time to read more, the details are below:

New Invention Increases Pizza Business Profits

NuVo Grand, LLC crated the patent pending Portion PadL. Designed using a simple but effective concept, this unique cutting board, makes it easy to cut equal pizza slices. See Video Demonstration: Greg Getzinger, pizza business owner and inventor of the Portion PadL, developed the distinctive cutting board to meet the needs of his business accounts. “It became clear that pizzas sliced in unequal portions caused unique challenges for businesses, school accounts and pizza-by-the-slice fundraisers,” says Getzinger. “There was food waste and loss of profit due unequal pizza slices. For instance, concessionaires at school sporting events were hesitant to sell the smaller, unequal slices of pizza and people didn’t want to pay the same price for a smaller slice as for a larger slice, even if it was only a slight size difference,” notes Getzinger. After an exhaustive search for a reasonably-priced, easy to use device that cut equal pizza slices every time, Getzinger came up short. This void in the pizza industry was the catalyst for the invention of the Portion PadL.

The Portion PadL can be customized to fit up to four or more pizza sizes per board. The high quality cutting board is made of NSF approved Richlite®, is heat resistant to 350° and is 100% food safe.

“There isn’t another cutting board on the market that is as versatile or can be as easily customized as the Portion PadL,” says Andrew Spriegel, patent attorney and co-founder of NuVo Grand, LLC. “In addition to traditional pizzerias interested in improving pizza consistency, pizza-by-the-slice operations like schools, hospitals, pizza buffet restaurants, convenience stores and foodservice management companies will benefit from the Portion PadL’s equal slices,” adds Spriegel.

A video demonstration of the PortionPadL can be viewed at For inquiries and more information about the Portion PadL, including individual and volume pricing go to


Less waste and more profit because small pizza slices that are typically thrown away are eliminated; No more complaints about unequal size slices; Meets school and institutional pizza equal slice size specifications; Speeds up the food line because no one has to pick between the various size slices; Even new employees can utilize the board easily; No longer have to use your best personnel to cut the pizzas into equal slices; Speeds up the cutting process, thereby increasing profits; Better visual presentation of the pizza and/or food; Easy to calculate the nutritional values of each slice because the slices are equal sizes; Numbers printed on the board indicate the number of slices that are cut with that board; Composition material is food safe Richlite, NSF approved; Richlite does not harbor bacteria and heat resistant up to 350 degrees;
Board is rugged, durable and won’t chip; Doesn’t dull knives and cutting tools.