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Every year in late January, I attend the Ohio Restaurant Association’s pizza and restaurant convention held in Columbus, Ohio. While attending the convention, I visit one of my first Portion PadL customer’s, Mikey’s Late Night Slice Pizza. Founded by Mike Sorboro, Jason Biundo, and Bryce Ungerott, Mikey’s started out in a small shack, the size of a railroad freight container with a to-go window. Located in a trendy and popular college nightclub area in the Short North area of Downtown Columbus. The founders appropriately named their original location, “The Shack.” The Shack is ideally located for the late night college-age partiers who, while walking between bars or on their way home from bar hopping, can conveniently grab a generous size slice of

Unlike most pizza joints in downtown Columbus that close by midnight, Mikey’s is open until three in the morning. Mikey’s pizza menu ranges from mild and savory flavors like their “Plain-Ass Pepperoni,” to their hot and spicy pizza called, “Spicy-Ass Pepperoni with Siracha.” Looking for something that is a balance between mild and spicy? Try the “Garbage,” pizza. It has Pepperoni, Sausage, banana peppers, mushrooms and onions on their signature pizza sauce and freshly made hand tossed crust.

Since the opening of the Shack, Mikey’s has grown to three brick and mortar locations, one of their locations is located right next to The Shack. There are plans for future expansion outside the Columbus area within the next couple of years. Mikey also has two mobile food trucks. The “PizzaAssault Trucks,” can be rented for private parties and found at large festivals. Ask anyone who lives in the heart of Columbus if they know of Mikey’s Late Night Slice Pizza. They will tell you about their great tasting late night slice pizza experience at Mikey’s. Check out their menu and locations at