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Pizza for school dieticians is a very challenging menu item. A popular food item with the students, yet not the healthiest for them. There are innovative pizza recipes with healthier ingredients to make and serve a healthier and tasty pizza. Another challenge school dietitians face is cutting whole pizzas into equal portions. If pizzas are not cut equally, the students will instinctively select the biggest portions. Another portioning challenge is serving consistent and equal portions. If pizzas are not cut equally, each student will receive a portion that is not consistent in calories and nutrients.

Pizza come in many different shapes and sizes. Once the shape and serving size are determined, dietitians must figure out how to cut whole pizzas into equal slices or pieces, so each student receives an equal portion.

Cutting pizzas consistently into equal portions without using a cutting guide is impossible. To help cutting pizzas into equal portions, there are few pizza portioning tools available. A favorite pizza portioning tool with school systems is the Portion PadL. A pizza cutting board designed to cut pizzas into equal portions. The Portion PadL is custom made to each school’s pizza shape and portion size application. This very efficient portioning tool can be custom made for round, square and rectangle pizzas. Customers can order the Portion PadL with the handle to slide their pizzas on to a serving plate or without a handle to use as a serving plate too.

The Portion PadL’s deep VGrooves are cut into the NSF approved composition material’s cutting board. The grooves allow a cutting knife to lock into the grooves to make straight cuts . The recessed grooves allow each pizza to be cut completely through the crust. A more efficient way to serve each portion from the pizza. The centering circle, square and rectangle are laser etched on the surface which provides a quick and easy way to center the pizza. The combination of these unique features make the Portion PadL one of the most popular pizza portioning tool for school dietitians and for the cafeteria pizza programs throughout the pizza industry.

If you are a dietician for a school having trouble with consistently cutting pizzas into equal portions, the Portion PadL is likely the problem solver for you. More information of the Portion PadL can be found at, or call inventor and Portion PadL owner, Greg Getzinger directly 330-608-5928.