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The Portion PadL reduces food waste, boosts sales and increases profits and acts as a compliance tool for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required menu labeling.

Effective May 5, 2017, chains of 20 or more must report calories of regular menu pizza items for the whole pizza and by each slice. Non-compliance could be costly. Pizzas cut into unequal slices could face non-compliance fines and false advertisement lawsuits. When you cut equal slices using the Portion PadL you can expect a return on investment in about three weeks.

Do you sell whole pizza? When a customer opens your pizza box you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Unequal slices and uncut crust give a sloppy appearance to a pizza that may result in the loss of repeat customers. Why use a traditional cutting board or peel only to loose customers? The Portion PadL is made in the USA with NSF-approved composition material, resists harboring bacteria, is easy to manually clean, durable and easy to store. It can be custom made to your pizza shape, slice and slice application.

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