A Little About Us and Our Products

The Commercial Portion PadL

Invented by A Pizza Business Owner

The Portion PadL was designed by pizza business owner, Greg Getzinger. He was looking to find a way for his employees to easily and efficiently cut pizzas into equal slices for his first school lunch account. Learning by trial and error with buying other small ware products for his fast-paced kitchen, he concluded the pizza portioning product he was looking to would need to be simple to use and easy to clean. Working aside his employees daily, he understood that in general, if pizza tools are not designed to be simple to use and easy to clean, as soon as Greg would turn his back or leave the store, his employees would not use those pizza tools. Greg decided to make his own pizza portioning cutting board that made sense for his employee’s needs. The cutting board also needed to be designed for his pizza different size and different slice applications. His cutting board, now known as the Portion PadL was so simple for his employees to use, it improved his kitchen work flow and perfectly cut the pizzas for his school lunch program into equal slices.

Greg had a hunch that maybe he was not the only pizza operation that may not be able to cut pizzas into equal slices. He decided to commercialize the pizza cutting board and named the board, the Portion PadL.

Custom-Made for Commercial Use

In the commercial pizza industry, pizzas come in many sizes, shapes and slice applications. It is not unusual for pizza operations have a couple different size pizzas on their menu. As well, each size pizza may have different slice applications. Greg understood this industry dynamics when he made the Portion PadL for his own 9, 12 and 14-inch pizzas that were cut into 4, 8 and 10 slices. The Portion PadL’s innovative design makes it possible to custom make a pizza portioning cutting board to each customer’s pizza size and slice applications. Whether you make a round, rectangle or square pizza, let us custom make a Portion PadL for your pizza slice and slice applications. Check out the Commercial Portion PadL tab for more information and order online your own custom made Portion PadL.

100 % Made in the USA

All Portion PadL products are proudly made in the USA.

About Our Other Portion PadL Product

The Portion PeeL

The Next Generation of Wood Pizza Peels

Consistently sizing a round pizza on the rectangle head of a traditional wood pizza peel is virtually impossible. Most of the time, the pizza dough is over-stretched. Over stretched dough reduces the quality and desired thickness of the crust. In addition, overstretched dough on a wood pizza peel increases food cost. More sauce, cheese and toppings are needed to cover the over-stretched dough. Many frustrated pizza operators have resorted to using an ink pen or magic marker to make circles on the surface of the pizza peel. Health departments have an issue with ink on the wood peels. They don’t know if the ink is toxic or non-toxic. It is not unusual for health departments to confiscate the wood pizza peels.

The Portion PeeL’s laser etched measuring circles are custom-made to each customer’s size pizzas. Laser etching eliminates the health department’s concerns with ink. As well, the custom-made measuring circle for each customer’s pizza size applications reduces food cost and increases profits! Check out the Portion PeeL’s tab for more information and how to order.

Consumer Portion PadL 

Made for Frozen Pizzas 

The frozen pizza industry has come a long way with improving the quality and taste to their pizzas. Along with affordable pricing, it makes sense for an active family to keep a couple in the freezer for a quick and convenient way to feed the family. The consumer Portion PadL’s centering circles are made for just about every size frozen pizza up to 11 ½ inch round frozen pizza. It is the ideal tool to streamline the process from sliding the frozen pizza into the oven to serving the equally sliced hot and ready pizza. When not using the Consumer Portion PadL for frozen pizzas, the back side is an ideal and attractive kitchen countertop cutting board. Check out the Consumer Portion PadL tab for more details.

Portion PadL is trusted by some of the worlds most respected brands.