Simple To Use

NSF approved food safe material.

Easy to Clean

Dishwasher Safe


Improves kitchen workflow.

Custom Made

To your pizza slice & size application.

Watch and Learn

The Patented and Patent Pending Portion PadL is an equal-slice pizza cutting guide and cutting board. The innovative V-Groove and centering circle design allows even the most inexperienced employee to cut pizzas into equal slices. The cutting board is custom made to each customer’s pizza size and slice applications. It is simple to use, easy to clean and efficient. Cutting equal slices reduces food and labor costs and increases profits. Ideal for commercial use and at home, the Portion PadL is made from a composition material that is NSF and FDA food safe approved. The material does not dull knives, is dishwasher safe, very durable and 100% made in the USA.