Flippin Pizza

“ You truly have one of the most useful products in the pizza industry”

– Anthony Apostle


Andolini’s Pizza

“We’ve been using the Portion PadL for a long time. Even our most seasoned people, when rushed during a peak cannot freehand an 8 cut or 6 cut accurately for a “slice” customer. We would usually end up with 2 pieces too big and 2 pieces too small. In many cases the small piece is unsellable. With the Portion PadL, it makes cutting our pizzas into equal slices simple and accurate.”

– Jim Bausch


 Parasson’s Italian Restaurants

“I have purchased and use the Portion PadL from Greg for several years. I have purchased other pizza cutting guides over time, but none like the Portion PadL. Often, and especially during peak hours, it can be difficult to accurately cut a pizza into 6, 8, 12 equal slices. During peak hours, employees are under pressure and rushing to fill orders. This often makes the unequal cuts worse, with 2 or more very large slices and 2 or more very small slices. The pizza cutting guide created by Greg Getzinger has made it unexpectedly easy to accurately and repeatably cut a pizza into equal sized slices, even during hectic peak hours.”

– Tony Parasson


Late Night Slice

“The portion PadL is a vital part of our business, we couldn’t operate without it. It saves our business thousands of dollars a year.”

– Mike Sorboro