Portion PeeL


No more overstretching the dough. Custom made measuring circles.

A couple years ago, Portion PadL customers who made Neapolitan and New York style pizzas contacted Portion PadL inventor, Greg Getzinger, asking for help. They were tired of being harassed by their local health department for using ink on their wood pizza peels. The health department couldn’t determine if the ink on the wood was toxic or non-toxic. The Health Department would confiscate their inked pizza peels.

They asked Greg if the same kind of centering circles that were on the surface of the Portion PadL could be placed on the surface of wood pizza peels for accurately sizing their pizzas. Greg developed a relationship with one of the top pizza peel manufacturers in the United States to make the perfect pizza peel for consistently stretching dough to the desired size.

The perfect name for portioning stretched dough on a pizza peel, The Portion PeeL


After passing out some of Greg’s Portion PeeL to some of his Portion PadL customers, thier expectations were met and their feedback all very positive. Not only did the laser etched measuring circles resolve the health department’s ink issues, the measuring circles helped his customer’s with evenly stretching the dough to the desired size and thickness which consistently baked a better-quality crust. By eliminating overstretching the dough, Greg’s Portion PeeL customers also noticed that they were reducing their food cost. They were using less pizza sauce, cheese and topping when pizzas their pizzas were stretched to the correct size. The reduced food cost increased their profits.

Why buy a cheap pizza peel that increases food cost and reduces profits? Invest a couple dollars more on the Portion PeeL to increase profits by hundreds to thousand dollars a year.


Made in the USA

One of the fundamental philosophies with the Portion PadL products is that all the products are made 100% in the USA. Even if that means delaying the introduction of innovative products. The Portion PeeL is made from domestic Basswood and crafted by a commercial wood pizza peel manufacturer, who is well known for making quality pizza peels for the commercial pizza industry.


Improve efficiency, quality and consistency

A common practice when making the traditional Neapolitan and New York style thin crust pizza is to stretch the dough on the surface of a wood pizza peel and make the pizza on the surface of the wood pizza peel. Typically, pizza peels are rectangular in shape, which does not help for accurately making a round pizza. Often users of wood pizza peels are faced with a dilemma. Buy a smaller pizza peel size, which cost a little less, but requires stretching the dough all the way to the end of the three beveled edges. Or pay a little more for the next bigger size to reap the benefit of using the flat surface and avoid the three sides of bevel edges.

The biggest problem with both scenarios is figuring out how to accurately size the dough. This dilemma has forced pizza peel users to use a magic marker or ink pen to draw their own measuring circles onto the surface of the wood pizza peel. Potentially, a serious health violation with local health departments. A serious liability issue for the pizza business if a toxic ink is accidentally used.

Compliance Requirement with FDA Menu Label Guidelines

Portion PeeL Assures Portioning Size Requirement

In May of 2018, the FDA Menu Labeling guidelines will require chains of twenty or more to display on their menus the calories for their regular menu pizza items. The pizza’s calories will need to be advertised for the whole pizza or by the slice.

Stretched dough on a wood pizza peel without measuring circles has the potential to be consistently over stretched to the advertised sized on the menu boar Inaccurately sized pizzas may bring unwanted attention to the consumer, consumer protection groups, competitors or federal regulators, placing the potential risk of negative publicity, legal issues or non-compliance fines for the business owner.

Accuracy on a wood pizza peel be required to meet the FDA’s portioning compliance portioning requirements. Ordering a custom-made Portion PeeL  with laser etched measuring circles for your size pizzas assures that from the start pizzas are sized accurately. The Portion PeeL is the ideal tool to assure compliance with the FDA menu labeling portioning requirements.


Standard PeeL

The standard size Portion PeeLs are manufactured in volume and are usually in stock. To save money, buy the standard Portion PeeL with measuring circles made for the most common smaller pizza sizes.

14x16x24 8″ 12″ $39.99 12″ 10″
18x18x42 24″ 16″ $54.99 16″ 14″ 12″
22x22x42 20″ 20″ $69.99 20″ 18″ 16″

Custom PeeL

Custom make your own Portion PeeL with measuring circles made for your pizzas. Custom made Portion PeeLs include 2 measuring circles of your choice. Each additional measuring circle is $4.00 each.

Make a pizza bigger than 20 inches? Not at problem, the Portion PeeL can be made for any pizza size. Please call 330-608-5928 to have a Portion PeeL made for your size pizza.

Please Allow five to seven business days for customized Portion PeeLs to be made and shipped.

Volume discounts are available when ordering a minimum 6 or more Portion PeeL’s. Please call 330-608-5928 for volume discounts.

Free shipping for Portion PeeL orders that also order a Portion PadL.

12x14x22 8″ 10″ $47.99 $43.99
14x16x24 8″ 12″ $58.99 $53.99
16x18x26 8″ 12″ $69.99 $63.99
12x14x36 22″ 10″ $54.99 $49.99
14x16x36 18″ 12″ $64.99 $58.99
16x18x36 18″ 14″ $68.99 $62.99
12x14x42 28″ 10″ $58.99 $53.99
14x16x42 28″ 12″ $65.99 $59.99
16x18x42 24″ 14″ $69.99 $62.99
18x18x42 24″ 16″ $72.99 $65.99
20x21x42 21″ 18″ $86.99 $74.99
22x22x42 20″ 20″ $97.99 $88.99
24x24x42 18″ 22″ $110.99 $99.99
26x26x42 16″ 24″ $119.99 $107.99
  • Shipping & Handling

For sizes 12x14x22 to 16x18x42, the shipping and handling cost is $16.00 for the first Portion PeeL.

For sizes 18x18x42 and up, the shipping and handling cost is $22.00 for the first Portion PeeL. Each additional Portion PeeL ordered apply an additional $3.00 each for shipping regardless of the size.

Ohio Sales Tax of 6.5% will apply for Ohio purchases, unless tax exempt.

PLEASE NOTE: Flat rate shipping applies to continental 48 states only. All Hawaii, Alaska, and international orders will receive an email with additional shipping charges after purchase.

  • Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

American made with confidence and pride, Portion PeeLs are made from a trusted commercial pizza peel manufacturer in the USA. The wood peels are made from domestic basswood.

The manufacturer is so confident in the craftsmanship, they have offered a six-month warranty against the wood peel’s construction. Should the gluing joints fail within six months of receiving the Portion PeeL, the buyer will have the option to receive a full refund or a replacement Portion PeeL shipped for free. Wear and tear of the wood and measuring circles, improper maintenance, care and handling is not covered.


Order your custom-made Portion PeeL online or call 330-608-5828 to have a couple Portion Peels made for you.


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