Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?
You can order online or call 330-608-5928.

What size Portion PadLs are in stock?
The Portion PadL is custom made to each customer’s pizza size and slice applications. Custom made Portion PadL are made weekly. Each Portion PadL is shipped from directly from the manufacturer to your location.

What is the turnaround time?
Portion PadLs are made every Thursday. Domestic orders are packaged and shipped on Fridays. International orders are shipped the following Monday.
Orders must be received Wednesdays by 6:00 PM EST for Thursday’s production schedule.

What is The Portion PadL made from?
The Portion PadL is a composition material of resin and paper and made for durability. The material is NSF food safe approved. The Portion PadL
and all Portion PadL products are 100% in the USA.

I have a 20-inch pizza. Should the size of the Portion PadL be bigger than my 20-inch pizza?
Yes, regardless of the size, the Portion PadL is typically 3-inches bigger in diameter than the biggest centering circle. In the case of a 20-inch pizza, the
diameter will be 23-inches. The three inches allow the room needed for a rocker or roller knife to start the cut before the crust. If kitchen space is an issue, the diameter of the Portion PadL can be made smaller. Just call 330-608-5928 to discuss the needed size of the diameter.

What kind of knife should I use?
You can use a rocker or roller knife. To take advantage of the recessed grooves and cutting the crust completely through
the crust, please make sure the knife is sharp. Dull knives will not cut completely through the crust.

I have two different slice applications, an 8 cut and a 6 cut, do I need to buy two Portion PadLs?
If your largest pizza is a 16-inch pizza, no. We offer a two-sided Portion PadL. Made of the same NSF approved material. The two sided Portion PadL is thicker than the single side Portion PadL. The thicker material allows deep VGrooves to be cut into both sides of the cutting board. Due to the weight of the thicker material, anything bigger than a 16-inch pizza may be to uncomfortable for your employees to use. The cost for a two-sided Portion PadL is a little more than the single side Portion PadL, but still a great value.

I have a sheet pizza I cut into squares. Can I buy a square Portion PadL?
Yes, there is no pizza size, shape, slice or piece is impossible for the Portion PadL. We can make square and rectangle Portion PadLs cut into squares or strips. We can make a round Portion PadL to be cut into squares. A popular Portion PadL is a round pizza with deep VGrooves for cutting into strips for cheese bread applications. Need something other than the common round pizza cut into slices? Just call 330-608-5928 to let us design the ideal Portion PadL for you.