Commercial Portion PadL


About The Portion PadL

The Patented and Patent Pending Portion PadL is an equal-slice pizza cutting guide and cutting board. The unique V-Groove and centering circle design allows even the most inexperienced employee to cut pizzas into equal slices. The cutting board is custom made to each customer’s pizza size and slice applications. It is simple to use and easy to clean. Cutting equal slices reduces food and labor costs and increase profits. Ideal for commercial use, the Portion PadL is made from a composition material that is NSF and FDA food safe approved. The material does not dull knives, is dishwasher safe, very durable and 100% made in the USA

Equal Slices Increases Profits

When the consumer is paying for a slice of pizza and given the choice between a bigger slice and a smaller one, it is human nature for the customer to choose the bigger slices. When a business sells pizza by the slice, every slice is considered a profit center. Maintaining the pizza industry best practices percentages for food cost is a major factor when determining profits. Whole pizzas cut unequally on a daily basis entice customers to buy only the bigger slices, the smaller slices are usually thrown away or sold as a two-for-one deal. Those discarded or give-away slices, increase food cost and reduce profits. Using the Portion PadL to cut pizzas consistently and on a daily basis into equal slices will eliminate the food loss and  maximize profits.

User Friendly Equal Slice Pizza Cutting Guide

The Portion PadL was designed by pizza business owner, Greg Getzinger. He was looking for a way to increase his pizza sales by selling pizzas to local schools for their lunch and sports concession stand fund raising programs. Realizing the need for the pizzas to be cut equally, he searched for a cutting device that would efficiently ensure cutting equal slices of pizza. Especially during the busiest and demanding lunch and dinner hours. He also wanted something easy enough to use for his employees with little or not pizza experience. Greg looked for a portion control device to buy. He observed, the devices available did not seem to be efficient or end user friendly. Until the invention of the Portion PadL, some of the most popular devices that were readily available were over-the-top-guides that are inserted into the pizza, which seemed cumbersome to use and difficult to clean. The other popular equal slice pizza cutting guides were not custom made and could not be used for several pizza size and slice applications. “I know if I buy an item for my employees to use, it has to be simple to use and easy to clean. If it’s not, my employees will stop using it as soon as I turn my back. Frankly, I don’t blame them.”

The Portion PadL was Greg’s answer. It combines a pizza cutting guide and cutting board into one product. Designed for his employees in mind, even the most inexperienced employee who has never cut a pizza, will be able to cut their very first pizza into equal slices. Even during the busiest lunch and dinner rush hours.