The Patented and Patent Pending Portion PadL is an equal-slice pizza cutting board that combines a unique V-Groove and centering circle technology. We custom make your Portion PaL to fit your pizza size and slice applications. It is simple to use and easy to clean. The Portion PadL’s simple, yet unique features will ensure equal pizza slices every time, which will reduce food and labor costs and increase profits. It is made from a composition material that is NSF and FDA food safe approved. Ideal for commercial food handling. The material won’t dull knives, is dishwasher safe and very durable. People who are buying the Portion PadL are pizza businesses, school cafeterias, convenience stores, food service companies, convention centers and arenas, and any other business selling pizza looking to improve profits, consistency and portion control.

Equal Slices Increases Profits

When the consumer is paying for a slice of pizza and given the choice between a bigger slice and a smaller one, it is human nature to want the bigger piece. If you’re an owner of a pizza business, convenience store, the head nutritionist of your school cafeteria, or any other business selling pizza by the slice, you realize that cutting your pizzas into equal slices is very important, but not a simple task. Typically, you’ll assign your most experienced personnel to cut pizzas. A good solution, but every time you have your most experienced eployees cutting pizzas instead of performing other important tasks, like food preparation and making pizzas, you’re reducing your operational efficiency and time management. Unfortunately, even with your most experienced employees cutting pizzas, you’ll still end up with unequal slices. It’s those smaller slices that you can’t sell that cost you money in food and personnel expenses. The Portion PadL is so simple to use, your newest and most inexperienced employee will be able to cut equal slices when they cut their first pizza. The shift in personnel will improve your operational efficiency which will increase your profits. Plus, those smaller pizza slices that are usually thrown away and cost you money are gone. EVERY SLICE IS A PROFIT CENTER.

User Friendly

The Portion PadL was designed by pizza business owner, Greg Getzinger. He was looking for a way to increase his pizza sales by selling pizzas to local schools for their pizza lunch and sports concession programs. Realizing the need for a cutting device that would ensure equal slices of pizza, Greg looked for a portion control device to buy. In his opinion there weren’t any devices available that were user friendly. Until the invention of the Portion PadL, some of the most popular devices that were readily available were over-the-top-guides that are inserted into the pizza, which are cumbersome to use and difficult to clean. The other popular portion control guides aren’t custom made and can’t be used for several pizza size and slice applications. “I know if I buy an item for my employees to use, it has to be simple to use and easy to clean. If it’s not, my employees will stop using it as soon as I turn my back,” says Greg. The Portion PadL was designed for the end user and is a great investment for the business owner looking to increase their business’ profits and efficiency.

The Portion PadL is Sales Tool

Greg Getzinger, inventor of the Portion PadL and pizza business owner, attributes over $100,000 of his annual sales to the pizzas sold directly and indirectly to his school lunch and sports concession stand fundraiser accounts. The ability to ensure equal slices allows the schools to profit from every slice. The Portion PadL benefits nutritional programs by ensuring that every slice has the same amount of fat and calories by making sure that each child gets an equal slice. This makes portion control easier to maintain and reduces overall costs by eliminating the smaller slices that may not be sold because of their size.